Four Best Flowering Vines For A Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing provides security for your home in an economical way. Planting flowering vines on a chain link fence is a great way to add privacy and beauty without breaking the budget. It's best to plant hardy perennial vines that require low maintenance and won't become invasive over time. Here are the four best flowering vines to grow on a chain link fence.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

For a fast growing vine with fall flowers, sweet autumn clematis is a safe bet. It produces a substantial amount of heavily fragrant white flowers from August to October. It's a shade loving plant so it's not suitable if you want a display of full blooms in a sunny spot. It should be pruned in the early spring to encourage faster growth and better foliage. It's not a particular thick vine and will pull off the fence with just your hands without much effort.

Star Jasmine

This plants gets high marks for low maintenance and an exquisite fragrance all year long. You can grow star jasmine in the shade or full sun although it tends to bloom better with ample sunlight. It's not the fastest growing vine so expect to wait a couple of years for it to cover your entire fence. Once it does get established, you won't have to prune it as heavily as some other faster growing vines to keep it under control. Don't confuse star jasmine with pink jasmine which is a more invasive and high maintenance climbing vine.

Golden Chalice

If you want large and spectacular flowers and live in a warmer climate, you can't go wrong with golden chalice. The yellow gold flowers grow to an incredible 6 to 8 inches wide and bloom throughout the year. The fragrance is similar to that of coconuts or piña colada and will make you feel like you are living in a tropical paradise. The vines are not overly thick or woody and do not require frequent pruning.

Morning Glory

Because perennial vines take a few seasons to fully cover the fence, it's prudent to plant an annual vine to fill in the gaps. Morning Glory is a great annual vine that provides an endless supply of trumpet shaped flowers from early summer to late fall. It produces a variety of different color flowers of blue, white, red, pink and purple. The kids especially love this vine as the flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Add to the beauty of your home by planting beautiful flowering vines on your chain link fence.  With the right climbing vines, your chain link fence can quickly become a visual highlight of your property.