5 Tips To Saving Money On Chain Link Fence Installation For Your Business

If your business needs a new chain link fence, by doing some of the work yourself, you can reduce the cost of installation. Here are five tricks to save money on a new chain link fence: 

#1 Clean Up The Area Where You Want The Fence

Start by cleaning-up the area where you want the fence installed. Remove any equipment that is in the way. Pull up any weeds that are clogging up the area where you want your fence to go. Make sure that you also clean-up enough space so that the fence installers you hire also have some room to work. 

#2 Remove The Dirt From The Holes

Another way to cut down on costs and save on some money is by pitching in with the installation efforts. Instead of letting the contractors you hire remove all the dirt from the fence posts that they dig up, take care of this job yourself. This may seem like a little task, but it takes up a lot of time. If you do it yourself, that is installation time you don't have to pay for. 

#3 Finish Up The Installation

If you are a real do-it-yourselfer, and have some time to dedicate to your fence job, you can let the contractors dig the holes and set the posts, and then take over. 

If you hang the fence yourself, after the base has been set-up for the fence, you will significantly cut down on the amount of labor that you have to pay for, and thus cut down the cost of installing a new fence. 

#4 Add Privacy Slats Yourself

If you want additional privacy, you can install the privacy slats to your fence on your own. 

This is an easy job to do yourself since it is not time dependent. Once you get the fence you, you can add the privacy slats whenever you have a little bit of free time. 

#5 Join Together

Finally, another great way to save money is by seeing if any of the businesses around you would also like to install a chain link fence. You may get a discount on the fencing and the labor if you have a larger project.

If you can put in a little of your own time in to preparing the area and setting up the fence, and join together with fellow business owners, you can cut the cost of installing a new fence down to a price you can afford.