Deer Roaming Your Neighborhood? Select A Fence That Will Keep Them Out

It may be fun to spot a deer along the tree lines when driving in the country, but they are not an animal that you want to find in your backyard. Deer will destroy gardens, leave behind ticks, and pose a potential health risk to pets. The best way to prevent deer from getting into your yard is by installing the right kind of fence. Consider the following 3 options.

Wood Fences

You may find that a traditional wood fence is effective at keeping deer out. This is because deer can be hesitant when it comes to jumping over a fence they are unable to see through. Without knowing for sure what is on the opposite side, they will decide not to jump over the fence more often than not. 

Wood fencing also works great if you're thinking of spraying your property with a deer repellent. It will retain the smell fairly well, leading the deer to believe that a potential predator is on the opposite side.

Tall Chain-link Fences

If the purpose of installing a fence is to keep deer out, the fence needs to be tall. Deer are capable of jumping very high, making a standard 6-foot fence ineffective at keeping most types of deer out. Chain-link fencing is easy to purchase in heights up to 8 feet fall, and the top of the fence can even be slanted outward to prevent deer from leaping over it.

Remember that a white-tailed deer can jump as high as 15 feet. If one of these deer is determined enough, they will still get over the fence.

Two Fences

If you want to add another layer of security to your yard, you can add a second fence around your property. The idea behind having two fences is that the deer will notice multiple barriers, and the fences act as a deterrent. The deer will fear the possibility of getting stuck between both fences due to not having enough room to attempt a second jump. 

Your inside fence should be a 6-8 foot high fence, but the fence along the outside can be a short 3-foot fence. The outer fence needs to be tall enough to be a deterrent, but short enough so that a deer can easily jump over the outer fence if they get stuck.

Once you decide on the type of fence that you want, you can work with a fencing contractor to perform the fence installation for you.