Attractive Ideas For Your Privacy Fence

Maybe you have a small backyard and need to reclaim the front yard for outdoor living. Perhaps you have plenty of yard space and simply want the privacy. Whatever the reason, you've decided a privacy fence is right for your home. That doesn't mean your yard has to look like a compound. Add attractive detailing so your fence complements your home and yard.   

Lattice Panels

Wooden privacy fences typically present a completely closed off façade. Even if that's the goal, break up the fence line with lattice panels. Regularly spaced lattice panels create interest in long lines of fence. If privacy is still a concern, train robust plants such as roses, ivy or wisteria to climb up the lattice panel. You still get that look of opening up the fence line without actually letting people see in.

Living Fence

Along those lines, there's no reason the fence itself has to be visible. Shrubbery has long been used for privacy. However, tall bushes aren't your only option. You could have contractors build a series of lattices and steps. From there, you plant climbers at the base. Eventually a green wall of various plants shields your yard from view. This may take a couple seasons, so you could always have a temporary fence put up while waiting for the plants to reach maturity.

Horizontal Slats

Wooden privacy fences are typically comprised of vertical slats enclosing the yard. Contractors can also give you privacy with a horizontal fence. The Landscaping Network describes a fence that lends a contemporary feel to the yard. The horizontal boards feature small gaps in between which allow light to filter through without sacrificing privacy. Painted black, the privacy fence even serves as a complement to the homeowner's landscaping. Consider horizontal fencing if you like the clean lines and geometry characteristic of modern design. 

Garden Gate

Sometimes the style comes not so much from the fence itself but from the accessories. In this case, an attractive gate leading to your garden can lend beauty to the overall structure. Consider one of the following designs:

  • Flower gate: Have an arbor installed over the gate, and train climbing flowers over the top. Rose, honeysuckle and morning glory are lovely plants for such a gate.
  • Asian inspiration: Top your gate with a pergola that channels the pagodas characteristic of East Asia.
  • Lattice topper: Lattice can come in several designs, such as waves or circles. Use one of these to top a standard wooden gate.
  • Mixed materials: Have the gate constructed of wood and wrought iron, stucco and metal, or vinyl and stone. This enhances the entryway.

Other ideas for creating an attractive privacy fence include placing landscaping in the front or replacing some panels with reflective glass. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from York Fence.