Three Reasons To Use Vinyl Fencing

The decision of which fencing material to use for your home should weigh on more than which material will cost you the least to install. The problem is that something that won't cost you a lot of money initially can end up costing you a lot in the way of replacement and repair costs. While both metal and wood are viable options, the best option in terms of durability and maintenance is vinyl.

1. The Weaknesses in Metal and Wood

One of the main challenges that a fence has to face is that it will be constantly exposed to the weather. When exposed to moisture, metal will corrode. Galvanized steel, the most common metal used in fencing applications, is covered with a layer of zinc, which will protect it for years to come, but eventually it will wear out and start to corrode. Galvanized steel is a dull grey color, and the wire mesh used to make the fence will not offer much in the way of privacy.

Wood slats will allow you to create a solid wall of wood, which will offer privacy for your home. However, even rot resistant woods like cedar will eventually succumb to mother nature's ravages. Thus, you will have to coat the wood with a sealant like linseed oil to keep it healthy, and even then you will have to replace slats from time to time. 

The Advantages of Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is made from a durable plastic, which will last because the color is not only applied to the top layer but will continue throughout the entire slab of plastic. Thus, the only maintenance you should have to perform on your fence is to wash it off whenever it gets dirty. Vinyl fencing should stand up well to wind and hail damage. Because it is a flexible material, it will bend under stress rather than breaking right away. This gives vinyl the ability to withstand most impact damage. 

Vinyl comes in a variety of styles and colors, which means that no matter what the style of your house is, you should be able to find a vinyl fence that will work for your home. By choosing vinyl, you will be able to wall off your yard with an effective privacy fence. You will also relieve yourself of the need to constantly pay to restain your fence. Thus, vinyl fencing is an excellent option for a money conscious homeowner. 

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