Keep Deer From Coming In Your Yard

If you have deer coming into your yard frequently then you may want to do what you can to keep them out. Deer will eat your foliage, including flowers in your flower bed and items in your garden. They can also bring ticks into your yard. The ticks will fall off them and catch a ride on the next available host, which may unfortunately be someone in your household or one of your pets. Ticks can carry Lyme disease which can make people extremely ill. Deer can also be dangerous, especially if there is a doe with her fawn. Following the advice in this article will help you to enjoy a deer-free yard.

Spray your foliage with pepper spray

Crush up a variety of hot peppers and mix them in a spray bottle filled with hot water. The hot water will help the spiciness from the peppers to spread throughout the bottle. Spray all the foliage in your yard that you notice the deer eating. This includes flowers in your flowerbed and everything in your garden.

Don't worry about eating the items in your garden after they have been sprayed; all you have to do is wash them with dish soap and water before you eat them to remove the spray. Once the deer notice the spray has been put on all the foliage, they will move on.

Set up motion activated sprinklers around your yard

You can set sprinklers around the perimeter of your yard that turn on when they detect motion. You can set some models so they are activated by something of a certain weight. This will help to prevent them from going off every time a smaller animal, such as a cat or dog, happens to go in front of them.

The sprinklers will startle the deer and they will leave the yard to avoid having them continue to spray them. When you want to go in the yard, you can turn them off at the spigot so you don't get sprayed yourself.

Install a fence

Having a fence installed around your property will help, as long as you make it tall enough. You should be aware that deer can jump high, so the fence should still be used with other measures.

If you have a specific area in your yard that you want to keep the deer away from then you can put up a tall fence around that area, followed by a shorter fence around the outside of it. The shorter fence should be a couple of feet out from the taller one and it works because the deer won't be able to clear the jump.

Aluminum fencing can be a great choice for the perimeter of your yard because it has a decorative look so it will add to your landscaping as well. It is also resistant to weather conditions such as extreme heat and excessive moisture, as well as high winds. Talk to a professional like Fence-It for more information.

This advice will help you to enjoy your yard without worrying about it being destroyed by deer. You also won't have to worry as much about ticks and your animals getting attacked.