4 Projects To Help Prevent Your Landscaping From Damaging Your Fencing

After getting fencing installed around your property, it's important that you become familiar with what kinds of steps you can take to keep it in the best condition possible. Many homeowners skip basic maintenance or unintentionally allow some elements of their landscaping to cause damage to the fence, leading to repairs being needed.

The first place to start when designing your yard with fencing in mind is the landscaping itself.

Avoid Plants with Deep Roots

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing plants that you have near your fencing is any plants that have deep roots. When the roots begin stretching out as your plants grow, it can begin to contact your fencing and get in the way of keeping the fencing stable and sturdy. This can often lead to the fencing becoming weak and falling over, leading to expensive repairs, making it important to focus on shrubs and other plants with shallow roots.

Keep a Buffer Between the Fence and Any Plants

Along with choosing plants that don't have deep roots, consider keeping a buffer between the fencing and any plants you want to grow. A buffer of even just 1 foot can be enough to create the illusion of a perimeter of plants around your fencing, but without some of the drawbacks of them growing too close to the fencing border.

Get Routine Tree Services

If you have any trees growing near the fencing, you need to be careful about branches that may become weak and snap to fall down on the fence. This can sometimes lead to the fencing getting knocked over and becoming significantly damaged. In order to prevent any tree limbs from falling, make sure you schedule routine tree services.

Choose a Durable Enough Fence

If you haven't got new fencing installed just yet and are simply getting your landscaping ready, it's a good idea to first look into what kind of fencing materials are the most durable with the landscaping in mind. You want to make sure that the fencing you choose is resistant against all kinds of weather and will not be damaged easily by nearby shrubs or trees.

Preparing for the installation of fencing can come with a lot of different steps, but landscaping should be at the top of your priority list. By getting the landscaping done and tailored to the addition of new fencing, you can be confident that your new fencing will last for years without any damage from your landscaping. 

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