Four Ways To Improve The Privacy Of Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link is a practical and relatively inexpensive fencing option, but it can also pose a problem for anyone who places a particular emphasis on privacy. If you want to prevent passersby from peering into your yard, adding a screen or other vision-obstructing measure to your chain link fence can hide your home and family while also improving the fence's overall appearance. These are four ways to increase your privacy with a chain link fence, ranging from simple gardening projects to major landscaping renovations. 

Growing Climbing Plants

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to fill in the gaps of a chain link fence is to sow climbing plants along the base of the fenceline. These might include flowering vines like clematis or morning glory, or a more understated but hardier ivy. If you live in an area with mild winters, you may even be able to find an evergreen vine like akebia quinata, sometimes known as the chocolate vine for its richly colored flowers and delicious smell. 

Installing Mesh or Privacy Panels

Privacy panels or mesh are often installed over chain link fences to create a more imposing barrier, and they can be a simple and affordable solution if you don't feel like maintaining extensive landscaping. These screens are often available in a variety of materials, colors and degrees of opacity to suit your particular tastes.

Landscaping Along the Fence Line 

Many homeowners choose to line their yards with hedges, trees and other plants to act as a natural barrier between their yard and the fence. Not only can this give you a sense of greater privacy and isolation as you lounge on your porch, but it also blocks the outside work from looking in. Choose plants with thick foliage that grow to heights of six feet or more, preferably varieties that need little watering or trimming. Evergreen shrubs are an especially popular barrier plant to line a chain link fence. 

Building Bamboo or Reed Screens 

For a more upscale look, consider fronting your fence with reed or bamboo. These privacy screens are made from reed or bamboo shoots that have been lashed together and then attached to the exterior of your fence. This will hide the chain link entirely, while still providing you with the strength and structural integrity you need in your fence. You will also be able to choose your desired screen height, without needing to tend to trees and hedges. No matter which option you choose, you should be able to rest easy knowing that your yard is protected from both unwanted eyes and unwelcome visitors at the same time. 

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