Care for Vinyl Chain-Link Fences

If you have chosen to have a vinyl chain-link fence installed, or if you already have one, then make sure you get all the life out of it possible. The good news is that a vinyl-coated fence can last for many years with just a minimal amount of care and routine maintenance. The information you read below will help you understand the few things you want to do to your fence to extend its lifetime, as well as educate you on things you don't want to do that can cause problems for your fencing.

Wash the fence regularly

Vinyl fences are simple to keep clean. However, if you don't clean them regularly, then you can end up with stubborn mud and other debris stuck on the linkage that you have to scrub off with some elbow grease. To avoid the need for scrubbing, make it a point to spray down your fence weekly with your high-powered garden hose nozzle.

Protect your fence from rusting

In some cases, a vinyl fence can go years without showing signs of rust. However, there are still times when vinyl chain link can begin to rust in areas where scratches and other damages have occurred. If you see that there is rust on your fence, then you want to soak a rag in vinegar and leave the rag on the rust for a while. Remove the rag and gently scrub to remove any rust still on the fence. Apply a rust-resistant sealant on the areas to prevent the rust from returning.

Don't let ivy grow on the fence

If you want to turn your chain-link fence into a privacy fence, many people will suggest letting ivy grow on it. However, when you do this you can damage the fencing. The ivy will prevent you from being able to deal with rust or even to see it. The ivy will also provide a good environment for rust to occur in due to the moisture the ivy will hold in and against the fence.

Have the fence installed professionally

While it may be tempting to go to your local hardware store and purchase the supplies to install your own fence, this is a bad idea if you aren't a professional fence installer. There are certain things that need to be done in order for your vinyl chain-link fence to withstand the test of time. Contact businesses like Canyon  Fence Co. for more assistance with your fence.