Your New Home: How To Decide What Fencing Solution Is Right For You

Your new home came with everything you wanted in a property, save one important feature: a fence. Your fence company will assist you in picking the right fence for your home fencing needs, but you still want to narrow down your options to what's best for you.

What fence should you put up in your yard? Use this guide to help you make the best decision for your needs.

How versatile is your yard for fencing?

If you have a sloped yard, then you might be limited in the type of fencing you can have for your property. Chain link fencing is better for a sloped or uneven yard, while a vinyl or wooden fence is more ideal for a properly graded or even yard. If your backyard is sloped but your front yard isn't, consider putting chain link in the back and putting a more ornate or ornamental fence in the front yard to get the overall design and appeal you ultimately want.

How much curb appeal do you want?

Are you primarily looking for curb appeal when installing a fence in your yard? If this is your goal, then you want to get a fence that adds that curb appeal that you really want. This means you should look more towards decorative vinyl fencing, ornamental steel, or another type of fence.

Keep in mind that even a chain link fence can be made more appealing by adding vinyl slats to the fencing. If you have a budget in mind and ornamental fencing is too costly for your needs, your fence company can show you options that are better suited to your budget, or they can show you ways you can incorporate decorative gates into a more basic fencing design.

How much do you want to spend?

Is budget your primary concern for fencing? If so, your fence company will likely recommend chain link fencing, because it's easy to install and is cost-effective as well. However, you can also consider a basic wood fence if you want something more durable or private. Your fence company will work with your existing budget to help you get a great fence you desire without going over your budget.

You'll get a quote for services that will include labor, materials, and time. Ask your fence company what you need to do to prep your yard so they can begin working on your new fence right away. If you have concerns about fencing care, talk to your fencing contractor when they initially install your fence.