Attractive Ideas For Your Privacy Fence

Maybe you have a small backyard and need to reclaim the front yard for outdoor living. Perhaps you have plenty of yard space and simply want the privacy. Whatever the reason, you've decided a privacy fence is right for your home. That doesn't mean your yard has to look like a compound. Add attractive detailing so your fence complements your home and yard.    Lattice Panels Wooden privacy fences typically present a completely closed off façade.

Rabbits Eating Your Flowers? 3 Ways To Keep Them Out

It takes hard work and a lot of money to create a flower garden. If rabbits are eating your flowers, it is like watching your money go down the drain, and your hard work was all for nothing. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep the bunnies from enjoying a meal in your flower garden. Fencing with Ficus Panels If you already have a fence around your yard, you can install ficus panels on it.

Splitting Headaches Over Your Weathered Wood Fence? Reasons To Upgrade

If you have an old wood post fence around your home and you are tired of the staining and damages from weathering and pests, it's time to update your fencing material. There are many great options you can choose, and some are even designed to look like wood. Wood is damaged by the sun and water, it can crack and splinter, and pests like bees and termites love to burrow their way into the fencing.

Three Types Of Landscaping Structures To Makeover Your Backyard Landscaping

There are many things that you can do with your landscaping, such as adding retaining walls, arbors and structures. Landscaping design can be used to give your home privacy, add a noise buffer and prevent flooding. If you are looking for ways to improve the exterior of your home, here are some things that can be done with landscaping structures for your home: 1. Retaining Walls, Stairs And Paths With Landscaping Timbers

Deer Roaming Your Neighborhood? Select A Fence That Will Keep Them Out

It may be fun to spot a deer along the tree lines when driving in the country, but they are not an animal that you want to find in your backyard. Deer will destroy gardens, leave behind ticks, and pose a potential health risk to pets. The best way to prevent deer from getting into your yard is by installing the right kind of fence. Consider the following 3 options.