Deer Roaming Your Neighborhood? Select A Fence That Will Keep Them Out

It may be fun to spot a deer along the tree lines when driving in the country, but they are not an animal that you want to find in your backyard. Deer will destroy gardens, leave behind ticks, and pose a potential health risk to pets. The best way to prevent deer from getting into your yard is by installing the right kind of fence. Consider the following 3 options.

5 Tips To Saving Money On Chain Link Fence Installation For Your Business

If your business needs a new chain link fence, by doing some of the work yourself, you can reduce the cost of installation. Here are five tricks to save money on a new chain link fence:  #1 Clean Up The Area Where You Want The Fence Start by cleaning-up the area where you want the fence installed. Remove any equipment that is in the way. Pull up any weeds that are clogging up the area where you want your fence to go.

How To Determine Which Horse Fence Material Is Right For You

Choosing the right fencing for your horse or horses can be a time-consuming process that requires proper planning and installation know-how. An essential element of the planning process is determining what kind of material you plan to use for your horse fence. The material you choose can play a huge factor in terms of cost, maintenance required, and durability. Here are some of the pros and cons of the most common horse fencing materials out there.

Keeping Your Dog Contained: Fencing Factors To Bear In Mind

Living within city limits has its benefits -- close proximity to schools and shopping malls, easy access to libraries and community activities. Unfortunately, city-living also means having neighbors. And while living in close proximity to others can be comforting, if you're a pet-owner, it also comes with added responsibility. Help keep your pet safe and your neighbors undisturbed by installing a fence strong enough to contain your pooch. Use the following guidelines to help you find a fence that works for your particular pet.

Living Bamboo Fences: Cool New Trend, Or High-Maintenance Nightmare?

If you're trying to build as green a home and yard as possible, you may have heard of living bamboo fences and you may be considering one for your yard. Living bamboo fences are exactly what they sound like – rows of bamboo planted along the edge of your property to serve as a fence. At first, this sounds like a cool new trend, but if you dig a little deeper, you'll discover that living bamboo fences require quite a lot of maintenance.