Living Bamboo Fences: Cool New Trend, Or High-Maintenance Nightmare?

If you're trying to build as green a home and yard as possible, you may have heard of living bamboo fences and you may be considering one for your yard. Living bamboo fences are exactly what they sound like – rows of bamboo planted along the edge of your property to serve as a fence. At first, this sounds like a cool new trend, but if you dig a little deeper, you'll discover that living bamboo fences require quite a lot of maintenance.

Painting Your Aluminum Fence

If you have an aluminum fence on your property, and you wish to paint it a different color, the job can be done quite easily on your own with a few household tools. Painting your fence can enhance its beauty and help keep it protected from damaging weather. Here are some instructions for you to use to help you go through the steps needed to paint aluminum fences. Materials You Will Need

Three Reasons Why A Professional Boundary Fence Beats A Wireless Pet Fence

Your need for a fence is simple: You have dogs, and you want to make sure they are safely confined to your yard. There are several options for erecting pet fencing, and wireless pet control is one of those. It promises easy installation and effectiveness. So why wouldn't you want to try it and save money over the cost of erecting a professional wood or chain link fence? 1. It may not be as easy to install as advertised.

Four Best Flowering Vines For A Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing provides security for your home in an economical way. Planting flowering vines on a chain link fence is a great way to add privacy and beauty without breaking the budget. It's best to plant hardy perennial vines that require low maintenance and won't become invasive over time. Here are the four best flowering vines to grow on a chain link fence. Sweet Autumn Clematis For a fast growing vine with fall flowers, sweet autumn clematis is a safe bet.